How to be a Successful Cannabis THC Tester 2022 – All about Testing Cannabinoids and Terpenes

Ever wondered about how to be a good THC tester to boost your business? Well, you are at the right place then!

From testing cannabis at home to commercial THC testing, I am going to help you with everything if you keep reading on.

What if I handed you a bud and told you to tell me exactly how much THC content it has? Will you be able to find it out?

Don’t worry if your answer is no.

We will help you with your first THC testing at home. So keep reading till the end, and you will soon be a THC potency tester.

Buying the Best THC Tester Kits of 2022

Note: There is no perfect way or procedure to test THC content in Cannabis. You can do so by using many different methods out there. We will show you how to do cannabis THC testing at home.

There are two types of testing done in the market, one is commercial testing for bulk cannabis growers, and the other one is personal home THC tester kits for people who grow marijuana for themselves/small scale business.

In this post, we will focus on the home THC test kits.


This device is the best thing ever for people who grow their own marijuana at home or people who make edibles. Generally, sending your homemade sample to a test lab would end in you paying a hefty amount to the labs.

However, with TCHECK THC TESTER, you can do everything from the comfort of your home. The device itself is just so small that it can fit inside your palm easily. This makes it highly portable and user-friendly.

As you can see from the photos, you have to insert your sample through the tray provided. Then, you just need to keep the sample inside the tray and push it in. That’s it!

If you want to check the THC and CBD potency levels of a bud, you need to buy the expansion kit and make a solution. After that, this liquid will be poured inside the tray to check the cannabinoids levels in your weed.

The test takes only 60 seconds to complete, isn’t that amazing? Another awesome thing about Tcheck THC tester is that it can be linked with the smartphone app. So you can use this free app to get more information on your results.

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If you are after Thin layer Chromatography THC Test Kits, then this place might be helpful to you. These guys sell testing kits that are approved by World Health Organization (WHO), cGMP, and the US Pharmacopoeia convention.

If you want a very cheap way to find out the amount of THC potency and CBD potency in your marijuana, then buying these testing kits can be a good choice.

This lab testing kit will detect any sample which will have more than 1% of cannabinoids THC potency in it.

Best part?

TLC labs have won the Cannabis testing kit awards by Global Health & Pharma for 2 years in a row. This test kit will show the amount of THC and show you the percentage of CBD, CBN, CBG, and THCV. If you want to see how the test is performed, then click here.

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Before continuing with this THC tester review, check the following video. It will show you the overview of the MYDX cannabis testing device.

MyDX cannabis potency and chemical analyzer will help you check THC, CBD, and CBN in just a few minutes. Not only that, but the sensor on this device is also capable of checking 20+ other types of terpenes as well.

This device lets you analyze the Total Canna Profile of your cannabis.

Firstly, the way it works is the device sensors scan your marijuana and throw out some data. This data is then matched with the huge database that the company has gathered over the years.

After that, the clever system will show you the Total Canna Profile of your weed. It will not only show you the percentage of THC potency in your cannabis, but the smartphone app will also tell you about the effects of your marijuana buds.

They have already been featured in Bloomberg, High times, ABC News, and Wall Street Journal. Check out their website to see a ton of information on this cannabis testing device.

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HIGRADE MARIJUANA THC TESTER KIT – Highly Portable Cannabis Tester

Best THC Tester 2021

With HiGrade device, you won’t be needing to take the smartphone-sized cannabis devices with you anymore. This cutting-edge technology uses a small camera lens that fits your smartphone camera easily.

If you want instant cannabis testing done, then this is an ideal option for you.

The process of testing is very easy. First, you need to attach the camera lens to your smartphone’s camera and take a few high-resolution pictures. These pictures are then uploaded into the HiGrade smartphone app.

After uploading the photos, you will be presented with a THC percentage in your cannabis within a few seconds. This process does not destroy your precious cannabis bud.

Additionally, this app can also tell you about any diseases or pests that you might have on your weed plants.

You might be thinking, how can a simple photo tell what percentage of THC potency a bud has. Well, to answer that, these photos are very high-resolution photos.

They contain magnified trichomes images and details of some other elements. The smart AI can tell the difference between different things it sees in a photo. This AI has been trained well for many years now.

It can automatically differentiate between a good image and a bad one. It can also detect different elements that are present in a microscopic image of marijuana buds.

Plus, the lens is already approved by HPCL.

The accuracy of this marijuana testing method is +/-3% THC potency. The deviation range is about 15%. The downside of this method is that it can only detect THC. If you are looking to check the CBD percentage, you should try out a different testing device from the above list.

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Best THC Tester 2021

This cannabis testing kit will help you find out six different types of elements that are present in marijuana.

  • CBN
  • CBG
  • CBC
  • CBD
  • THC
  • THCV

You will need only 0.1g of cannabis to perform the test. Not only raw weed, but you can also even test oils, resins, tinctures, and edibles as well.

You will be provided with a THC and CBD potency reference chart so that you can easily make out a percentage of the elements present in your sample. The test will also show you the chemotype of your marijuana so that you can detect the strain as well.

Basically, the whole test is done using the thin layer chromatography technique. Therefore, you will need about 30 minutes to perform the test.

You can check out the test demo below.

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How to use the Home THC Tester Kits?

Although every kit is a little different, but at the core, the process of marijuana testing is essentially the same.

You need to take a small sample of the marijuana bud that you want to test and put it inside the fluid or apply fluid depending upon the manufacturer’s instructions.

Then you take this mixture and place it inside a vial with another testing fluid. Basically, you will see different colors pop up in the end, which should be checked against the color codes provided by the manufacturer to know the percentage of THC potency.

The process is pretty easy once you read the instructional manual that comes with the THC testing kit.

I would advise the readers to perform more than 1 test to get accurate readings.

Is there a disadvantage of home THC tester kits?

Well, to put it in simple terms, yes.

If you do a complete full spectrum cannabinoid test at a laboratory, you are going to know the proportions lot of different compounds (90+), including THC.

But for people who just want to test THC in a given bud, these home THC test kits are perfect. It only tells the amount of THC present in the buds and none of that complex compound stuff. Although, there are some home testing kits that will give you a total canna profile of your weed with around 20 chemicals and element information.

What is the relation between CBD and THC?

CBD is a compound found in marijuana buds that is responsible for giving relief from many different types of problems and diseases.

If you are someone who just wants to smoke weed to have fun and get high, then you might want to get a weed strain with less CBD in it.

On the other hand, if you want the medical benefits of smoking cannabis, then go for a strain that has a high CBD to THC ratio.

Higher levels of CBD potency will help reduce anxiety, nausea, nervousness, and similar other things. Some strains of medical marijuana can even cure insomnia, eating disorders, and chronic pain.

Why would I want to test THC content of my home-grown marijuana?

If you don’t know, let me inform you that cannabis is made out of more than 70 different types of chemicals and compounds. All of these things interact with your body and mind when you smoke marijuana.

The most important thing people want to know among these compounds is the THC. THC is the main reason why you get high in the first place. So, testing the amount of THC in any weed is need to know how much psychoactive that bud is.

THC percentage also determines how much help it will provide to your body in terms of relief from different things like inflammation and pain.

Should my cannabis be dry when I do the testing?

Absolutely YES!

When you test your cannabis, there are two ways about it. It is either filled with moisture, or it is dry.

If the weed buds have moisture in them, then you need to dry them before carrying out the THC percentage test. This is because the same bud will have a higher potency when it is dry rather than filled with moisture.

Can the method of burning cannabis make any difference to smokers’ experience of weed?

If you are a commercial marijuana grower, then there is a very good reason as to why you should be testing your cannabis.

A good business owner should know how their weed is going to be consumed. if the smoker uses a vaporiser, then the temperature at which the cannabis will burn will be lower than when someone lights the weed with a lighter.

The lighter burns the weed at 1000 degrees celsius, whereas the THC decarboxylation starts at only 180 degrees celsius. At this temperature, the THC converts into CBN, which is not good for us as we need THC to give us the desired effects when smoking cannabis.

After 190 degrees, other elements and terpenes start to get vaporized. The greater the combustion, the greater the number of elements that start to vaporize. Some of these elements are not good for us. Therefore, it’s important to know how and at what temperature the weed should burn.


There are many different types of testing available on the market, varying from TLC tests to handheld instant THC testing devices.

If you are a person who buys weeds from outside, then it is a must to check your marijuana beforehand to get an idea of its potency and effects.

Also, if you run a small-scale business selling cannabis and its products, then it would be wise to buy a handheld device that can test marijuana and show results on your smartphone.

Depending upon the type and scale of your business, you can choose any of the above testing kits for yourself.

Feel free to contact us if you have any queries regarding marijuana THC testing.

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