Cannaseur Humidor – The Best Cannabis Storage Equipment of 2022

There is a new product entry in the market named Cannaseur humidor. Today we are going to review this product for you.

Have you ever suffered loss because your cannabis was ruined because of the high moisture content in it?

To be able to get high prices, you will need to keep your weed nice and fresh. Having too much moisture will lead to bacterial growth in your weed and result in losses.

There are many different cannabis storage options right now. Some people use good old mason jars to protect their cannabis from bacteria and moisture. Others use zip-locked bags to store cannabis.

Now you might say that is good enough, what is the problem with that?

The biggest problem with mason jars and zipped bags is that the moisture is going to vanish, resulting in the drying out of cannabis.

One needs to keep the cannabis at a perfect moisture level to keep it fresh and ready to sell/consume.

The cannabis industry is focusing on high-quality marijuana only. So you need to up your storage game now.

After the legalization of marijuana in many countries of the world, the focus on high quality weed is ever growing.

The cannabis humidor I am going to show you today is one unique product that has helped tons of people out there. It uses the latest humidity regulation technology to keep your weed in an ideal condition.

Cannaseur is the company that makes cannabis humidor for weed buds. They are considered a premium brand that makes beautiful and elegant cannabis humidors.

When buying something from Cannaseru, you don’t have to worry about quality at all.

I have personally used the Cannaseur one cannabis humidor and let me tell you I am more than impressed with its humidity regulation technology.

This cannaseur one is made with German technology, so you do not have to worry about anything. It is also being labeled as a handcrafted cannabis humidor.

The Cannaseur one is made with sustainably sourced walnut wood or mahogany wood. It features a two-way patented air humidifying system that keeps the humidity system in check.

Cannaseur keeps your weed at a precise 55% humidity levels so that it does not dry out and lose its potency.

Stable 55% Humidity = Perfect condition for marijuana storage.

Cannaseur Humidor

Some people use heavy-duty humidifiers and dehumidifiers to keep their weed fresh, but this Cannaseur one will remove the necessity of investing in something that costly.

Cannaseur one uses the steam and temperature variables to keep the humidity in control. It also features an anti-microbial technology as well.

In order to keep the weed fresh, this cannabis humidor is also fitted with the patented micropore core humidity regulation technology.

They have also provided a timer with which you can control the on and off timings of the Cannaseur one.

You will get one jar and two jar options in Mahogany wood Cannaseur one model. If your requirement for weed storage is more, then you can opt for the two-jar model. This model will hold up to 2 ounces of weed inside it.

Plus, they even provide a locking mechanism to lock your precious stash. There is also a simple German-made Hygrometer on the box, which will show you the humidity levels.

Another good thing about this cannaseur humidor is that it looks like an high-end jewelry box. No one is going to notice that you have a cannabis humidor in your room.

Why do people love the Cannaseur Brand Cannabis humidor?

  • Very User-friendly Construction.
  • Looks Elegant and Beautiful.
  • Has a Lock Built Inside it.
  • Made with Sustainably Sourced Wood.
  • German Made Hi-Tech Precise Hygrometer.
  • Keeps Your Cannabis Fresh for 45 Days.
  • Very Discreet Look.
  • Patented Micropore Core™ humidity regulation technology.

Last Words

If you are an avid cannabis user, then this Cannaseru one humidor is a must-buy for you. Smoking fresh buds even after 30-40 days of the harvest will surely lift your moods.

If you are a marijuana seller, then it is even more important for you to store your cannabis properly inside a stash box humidor.

As the marijuana industry grows, people are looking for better quality buds all the time. And you don’t want to fall behind your competitors, right?

The times are changing now. Marijuana is not more a taboo product; it is slowly becoming what scotch is today. Soon people are going to sport marijuana buds and strains on their coffee tables.

Until the next time, have fun!

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Why should I keep my Buds at a perfect humidity level?

Cannabis buds need to be stored in certain environmental conditions. If you have your buds out in the open and there is too much moisture in the air, you risk molding on your buds.

On the other hand, if the buds are stored away in a sealed bag, then the moisture inside the sealed bag will go away slowly, and your cannabis will be left out too dry. This will result in a very harsh bud that will not be smooth when smoked.

Maintaining the weed at a 55% humidity level will ensure that the buds retain all the flavor and aromas for a longer period of time.

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