Cannabis Training University – Worlds Leading Marijuana University Review 2022

Cannabis Training University or CTU is one of the best Cannabis training universities in the world. They provide their students with all things cannabis information.

Have you ever wanted to learn about cannabis and its related things but could not find a good tutor? Do you want to know if the CTU is legit?

Well, you don’t have to worry about that now.

We are bringing you the review of Cannabis Training University in this post. Read on and you will get all the information about this training university and cannabis education they provide.

A Bit of History

This leading cannabis industry education provider university was started in the year 2009 in San Francisco. This was the time when the marijuana industry was starting to show the sign of a huge boom.

During this time, a lot of weed experts started to give lectures on cannabis and medical marijuana. Some of the teachings were taught to the masses for several days.

People at Cannabis College performed limited seminars in the following years and finally in 2011, seeing the popularity of their cannabis education, they thought of bringing the whole package online. This way people from across the world can learn about cannabis.

Even today, Cannabis Training University is one of the leading providers of cannabis education. The headquarters of CTU is located in Denver, Colorado.

Why Choose Cannabis Training University in 2022?

The aim of CTU is to provide marijuana knowledge to all the classes. They believe in sharing and teaching everything about the new cutting-edge technologies that are coming up in the marijuana industry every day.

With the CTU courses, you can be anywhere around the world, and it even doesn’t matter if weed is legal where you live or not, you can simply enroll with the certification course to learn.

Why is Cannabis Training University the best?

  • CTU gives its student’s career guidance.
  • Complete 1-year access to all the information.
  • More than 200 advanced lessons.
  • 24-hour customer support services.
  • Over 60,000 Graduates already.

Cannabis Training University Faculty

CTU is very proud of having a team of experts on its side. The well knowledgeable and experts team of faculty ensures that the students that enroll with this course are going to benefit a lot. Thanks to the team of fantastic faculty, CTU has already won a lot of different worldwide awards.

The team of CTU school includes people from different parts of life:

  • Marijuana attorneys
  • Accountants
  • Cannabis horticulturists
  • Medical marijuana dispensary managers
  • Marijuana POS software companies
  • Cannabis chefs
  • And many more!

The CTU courses have different modules which we will talk about later. Once you enroll in the certification course, you will get access to the study material for 1 year. You can log in and use the study material as many times as you like.

Content of Online Marijuana Course

There are a total of 7 different courses at Cannabis Training University. You can either choose an individual course or select the Master Cannabis Certification Program, which will consist of all of these courses. The master course will also give you these 9 certificates as well.

Cannabis Training University

Let me breakdown the course for you:

How to grow medical marijuana

This course includes a total of 22 lessons along with plenty of videos to teach you how to grow medical marijuana on your own. Some of the things you will learn in this course are how to set up deep water culture systems, how to use hydroponics, pH testing procedure, etc.

How to Cook Cannabis

This is a 14 lesson course that will teach you to cook marijuana properly. Doesn’t matter if you are trying to make cannabutter, cookies, treats, or anything else, they are going to teach you the perfect way to decarb your weed.

Cannabis Jobs: The Bud Tender

If you’re looking to join the marijuana industry and get a job quickly, then this course is going to benefit you a lot. During this program, you will learn 6 different lessons on how to be the best bud tender out there.

Cannabis Dispensary and Delivery Services

CTU is offering a very intimate view of how the Cannabis delivery and dispensary businesses run on a daily basis. Here you will learn everything you need to open up your own dispensary of weed delivery service.

Law and regulation of Cannabis Industry

Cannabis Training University has constructed a very good 15 part course on law, rules, and regulations regarding weed in different countries. You will also learn about weed regulation in different states of the USA. Learning about all this information is very important when you want to start your own marijuana business.

Medical Cannabis Information

Medical marijuana has been helping millions of people out there right now. So, it’s important to know about medical marijuana and all of its properties in depth. This course will teach you about diseases and ailments that can be cured by using cannabis. It even has a collection of personal experiences of people who used cannabis to treat their ailments.

Enroll Today for Freebies!

If you enroll with the CTU today, you are going to get free access to Ed Rosenthal cannabis ebooks.

Ed Rosenthal is a weed cultivation guru. His books have been selling like hotcakes for the last 20 years. As soon as you enroll in the CTU training online courses, you will get access to the 4 ebooks by Ed Rosenthal.

Should I really enroll now?

With the booming cannabis industry, it might be a very wise decision to enroll with the Cannabis Training University programs and get yourself a few certificates. The marijuana industry is worth $40 billion right now and it is growing rapidly.

Therefore, if you are interested in cannabis and want to find a job in this industry, then you should definitely check out the course at CTU.

What do students say about Cannabis Training University?

After completing the CTU courses, majority of students have given a very positive review. A lot of the students who took this course are currently working in the cannabis industry as well. Check out the video and some testimonials of the students that took the certificate courses on CTU.

Student Testimonials

“More information on how to grow marijuana and how to do extractions than anywhere on Youtube or Leafly. The new videos you just added were incredible and took it way up a notch! Impressive improvements CTU!

Kevin Hethrin – Los Angeles, CA

“I really loved the Marijuana Law course. It had all the updated cannabis laws and regulations. Best cannabis training online by far!”

Nicky K –Birmingham, Al

“I just finished my videos and passed my certificate exam! I landed a job as a budtender in a marijuana dispensary in Boulder! Best cannabis training college and most affordable marijuana school. Thanks!”

Jeff Haynes-Boulder, CO

Frequently Asked Question

How much does the full program cost?

The original price is $597, but you can get the course for a lower price if you take advantage of the frequent discounts they put up on their website.
At the time of writing this post, the price for the complete master program was only $247.

What is the duration of the program?

The entire learning duration will depend on your learning skills. however, you will get access to the website for a full 1 year time. During this time, you can relearn or visit the study material as many times as you would like.

What about the exams?

Your certification exam will be broken up into 5 sections. These sections will have a total of 50 questions in them.
You can take the exam as many times as you like until you pass. However, you only get to try exams only once a day. The exam will have a 2-hour timer set into it.

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