Top 10 Best Weed Subscription Boxes Every Stoner Needs!

If you are in search of the best weed subscription boxes to experiment in your ganja journeys, you must read this article!

Imagine yourself coming home after a long hectic day, and as soon as you want to sit back and chillax smoking weed, you realize you’re out of rolling paper, or you forgot to bring a new pipe?

Frustrating, no?

Don’t worry; that’s why weed boxes are there!

Subscribing to a 420 goody box leaves you tension-free. You can enjoy your ‘weed time’ with new and exciting accessories each month!

Here in this article, we’ve carefully selected the top 10 best weed subscription boxes just for you!

But wait…

What is a weed subscription box? What’s included in it? The answers are right here!

What is a Weed Subscription Box?

A weed subscription box is nothing but a collection of some of the finest cannabis accessories that include almost everything related to weed smoking.

Also known as 420 boxes or goody boxes, it features everyday use items like rolling paper, bongs, pipe, vaporizer, even some jewelry, and even clothes.

The best part?

You don’t have to go to the market to buy it as it arrives right at your doorsteps.

There are many other benefits of subscribing to these monthly subscription boxes, but we’ll discuss that later in this article.

Let’s get started with why you came here!

Best Weed Subscription Boxes

Here are some of the best 420 monthly subscription boxes that we have discovered just for you!

Cannabox – Best Overall

CannaboxCannabox is a popular name when it comes to weed subscription boxes. Delivering high-quality smoking essentials at an affordable price, Cannabox is our top pick!

The packaging truly reflects its title. It comes every month in a box holding up mystery items for you to enjoy.

Since you don’t know what’s going to come, it generates a sense of excitement and doubt, but rest assured, all the items delivered by Cannabox will be out of the world!

Each box includes six to nine items in general. The expert team of Cannabox carefully selects all the essentials just for you.

Subscribing to Cannabox, you get the basic items like pipes, rolling paper, grinders, books, games, and in some instances, clothes as well.

Joining the Cannabox community is super easy; you need to pick one from two given options according to your preference.

Then select a subscription plan, and you’re good to go!

Hippie Butler – Best Personalized Weed Box

ButlerIf you want something in particular and can’t find it on the market, Hippie Butler might help you!

You will find a large collection of lighters, rolling papers, pipes, bongs, grinders, clothes, munchies, and much more. That too, at affordable prices!

What we liked the most about this vendor is their discreet shipping service. They make sure your monthly subscription box arrives at your doorsteps having all your favorite items.

Hippie Butler offers three different subscription plans:

The Rollers Club Boxes is the most affordable option containing basic smoking essentials.

The Butler Box is one of the most favorites among stoners containing supreme-quality glass pieces and other smoking items.

If you want nothing but the best smoking experience, we suggest you choose the  Masters Club Box. This box includes almost everything you require to intensify the feeling of getting high.

Click the tab below to customize your 420 box and get one of the best weed subscription boxes on the market!

Hemper Box – Best Custom Products

HamperAs its name suggests, it is one of the best weed subscription boxes you can give as a gift hamper to your 420 friends!

This weed subscription box offers high-quality smoking accessories that take your high to the next level.

You can select your preferred items to create your goody box from their three subscription options:

Build-a-Box Core: This box includes rolling papers, lighters, and other accessories with a surprise gift. You can choose options from monthly, bimonthly, or three months. 

Build-a-Box Plus: With this 420 box, you get around six items and a surprise product as well. You will find ashtrays, grinders, rolling paper, and many more!

The Hemper Box: This unique box contains smoking accessories worth $100. Yes! You get high-quality rigs, papers, flower bowls, and much more in just one package.

Exciting, right?

So, don’t wait up! Click the below button to buy yours.

Sensi Box – Best Themed Weed Box

Sensi boxThose who love trying different accessories every month should definitely try Sensi Box.

It is one of the most popular themed weed boxes on the market. It is also popular with cannabis lovers since it offers unique accessories at prices that you can afford.

The experts at Sensi Box curate each box keeping regular smokers in mind, and that’s why each Sensi box contains just the right essentials.

What makes this 420 monthly box different is that often the things are themed.

So if you are a hobbyist, you are going to love the carefully selected items this New Hampshire-based company chooses for you.

When you get your monthly weed subscription box, you’ll find a fine piece of glass item along with other essentials.

Cool, right?

If you want to subscribe to this 420 goody box, you can choose from two options:

Sensi Box Original contains more than seven essential items, or Sensi Light, having five smoking items in the box.

SensiBox is your perfect gift for that special stoner friend of yours!

Daily High Club – Best Assorted Goodies Box

Daily High ClubThose who know the cannabis world understand what Daily High Club is!

Daily High Club offers one of the most popular weed subscription boxes among daily users of herbs. Daily High Club has earned its name by providing classic smoking items for a long time.

With the range of weed smoking items, every stoner craves for this goody box once in a while.

With the subscription, the vendor offers everything you need to “light one a day for a month.” The box includes all-natural rolling papers, an organic hemp wick, filter tips, and a matchbook.

Just add weed, and you’re good to go!

For each stoners’ needs, Daily High Club offers three different subscription boxes:

  • All-natural Box
  • Connoisseur Box
  • El Primo Box

Subscribing to Daily High Club allows you to access some premium stuff that gets sold quicker or is not available in your region.

Want to hear something exciting?

Often, a single glass item included in the weed box alone costs more than a complete set when you try to find it in the market!

Nugg Club – Best Classic Collection Box

Nugg ClubAlmost all the popular monthly subscription boxes offer several types of smoking accessories. It means you still need to go out and buy your weed.

What if we tell you there’s a goody box that includes actual weed?

Yes, Nugg Club is the one you’re looking for!

The Nugg Club weed subscription boxes offer actual cannabis products, including concentrates, flowers, and other THC products.

Once you subscribe to Nugg Club, you get 5-6 top-notch cannabis products that you’d love, like pre-rolls, flowers, edibles, vapes, Hybrid, Sativa, and Indica.

Amazing, no?

The company also allows you to subscribe monthly bimonthly or every three months. Moreover, they give you an option to cancel the subscription anytime.

No strings attached!

For the essentials worth $225, you are paying almost half of the price. Also, if you’re a subscriber, you get access to their digital front store, where you can buy things at a discount.

Psst – Please remember that the products included in the box contain THC, and you must be 21+ (or 18 with a doctor’s prescription) to subscribe to the service.

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Stoney Babe – Best Weed Box For Her

Stoney babeAs you might have guessed from its title, the Stoney Babe has specially created weed subscription boxes for girls who love to enjoy weed.

Many people consider it one of the most girlish 420 boxes on the market due to its handpicked feminine accessories.

In this unique weed box, you will get finely crafted keychains, jewelry, beauty products, flavored rolling papers, and many other smoking items that every girl stoner loves!

You can pick a monthly subscription or go for a three, six, or twelve month prepaid subscription that will save you some bucks.

With mystery boxes that feature a unique collection of smoking items, you can surprise your stoner girl!

There are chances that some people find it a bit costlier, but great things come at a price!

Try this weed box only for a month, and we bet you won’t be able to wait for the next one.

Puff Pack – Best For Buck

Puff PackAre you looking for a box with affordable smoking accessories? Well, you won’t find a better alternative than Puff Packs!

The Puff Pack is a relatively new player in the weed subscription box market but made its way into stoners’ hearts by offering some pretty good stuff.

The company offers a wide variety of cannabis subscription boxes starting from as low as $1.

Like, really!?

You might find a better weed box with great essentials, but you won’t find another Puffe Pack anywhere.

In this unique weed box, you get almost everything from rolling papers to vaporizers you need every time you blaze weed.

You can subscribe to Puff Pack according to your preference ranging from $1 to $90.

They also offer some additional box alternatives with more extraordinary product varieties.

Ensuring excellent packaging, transportation, and quality goods, take your turn your weed experience into a happy high with The Puff Pack TODAY!

CannIbless – Most Convenient Weed Box

CannIblessCannIbless is next in our best weed subscription boxes list, offering one of the most diverse collections of weed essentials.

If you are new to cannabis and want some help selecting the right pack for you, CannIbless provides help from marijuana experts.

And that’s why this 420 goody box is more popular among youngsters.

By subscribing to CannIbliss, you get a wide range of smoking products like lighters, papers, pipes, and flavored cigars.

If you smoke a strain that makes you having munchies, don’t worry! This weed box has got you covered by offering delicious snacks, weed gummies, edibles, and beverages too.

As the names imply, the company wants to “bless” others, and that’s why they share 5% of the sale with non-profit organizations.

Buying from CannIbliss, you can be a part of this philanthropy as a part of what you pay will reach someone in need.

420 Goody Box (Do You Goody Box) – Best Stoner Subscription Box

Do you goody boxThe 420 Goody Box, also known as Do You Goody Box, is a popular weed subscription box among weed lovers for its unique collection of smoking accessories.

These monthly subscription boxes at contain loads of new collections in addition to your regular items.

Currently, the company offers you five options to choose from when you subscribe to Do You Goody Box:

  • The OG Goody Box
  • The Top Shelf Goody Box
  • CBD Goody Box
  • Sugarly Box
  • Barkables Box

These boxes include everything you need to start your weed journey, from smoking accessories, CBD kits to munchies. Now, who wouldn’t like that?

People who love to explore more and like to go beyond the basics would love these theme-based boxes.

Having a unique theme every month, this 420 Goody Box is your go-to option!

What’s the most super cool thing about 420 Goody Boxes?

The company is very supportive of its subscribers. If you’re traveling or taking a T-break, whatever the reason, you can pause or cancel your subscription any time.

Click right below and start getting unique weed accessories!

Bonus! – Best CBD Goodies Box

Lucky Box Club

If you’re looking for a weed subscription box that has the medicinal benefits of cannabis, go for Lucky Box Club!

The vendor offers some of the best CBD weed boxes on the market.

The Luck Box Club boxes include CBD-infused edibles, tinctures, vapes, and almost all types of CBD products.

Moreover, the company offers some THC boxes as well. So even if you’re looking for recreational use of weed, check this one out!


Benefits Of Subscribing To A Monthly Weed Subscription Box

Here are some of the advantages of subscribing to a weed subscription box:

Keeps your ganja going

Imagine running out of papers or a lighter in the middle of your happy high. Not a pleasant sight, right? With a regular weed box coming at your doorsteps, you never run out of your smoking essentials.

Help overcome impulsive shopping

Sometimes, the impulsive buying of vapes, papers, or grinder leaves you with some unnecessary items. You can limit impulsive shopping by subscribing to 420 boxes as you get the limited accessories each month.

Keep your Maryjane love a secret

Smoking, particularly weed, can be something that is a little dubious. Many of you wouldn’t want your friends or relatives to know about it. You need something that doesn’t look like a weed box, and by shipping your monthly 420 boxes discreetly, many companies help your business under the blanket.

Motivates a user to try new accessories

Many weed lovers prefer to stick to their favorite smoking items. Weed subscription box, offering a variety of products, encourages a user to try new and unique smoking essentials that they haven’t tried before.

Almost all 420 subscription boxes contain a mystery item every month, it keeps your weed experience alive with new and exciting products.

More bang for your buck

If you are tight on your budget, don’t worry! Many companies in the market are offering high-quality products at an affordable price.

Some of the weed box subscriptions even start with $1!

When you go to a shop to buy your favorite smoking items, the price of each product doesn’t get reduced, and you end up paying a huge amount for just three or four accessories.

Here’s where weed subscription boxes work the best!

By subscribing to a monthly marijuana box, you get everyday smoking items at a bundled price, saving you some stash of cash.

How To Choose The Best Weed Box

Many stoners get confused when it comes to selecting the right package. Since every stoner needs something different, some companies focus only on essentials, while others offer munchies, clothes, jewelry in addition to smoking items.

Some companies offer special subscriptions, while others feature monthly or quarterly themes. You will also find some basic and premium subscriptions. The list is endless!

To find the most suitable monthly weed subscription box, consider the following points:

Personal Preferences

It all comes down to an individual’s choice when you select the perfect weed box. You need to decide what kind of variety do you like in smoking accessories. Don’t worry if you’re a beginner. Some reputable companies offer beginner packs where you will find the most basic smoking items.

Sizes and Prices

The size of the box is as important as its price. If you just want basic essentials, you shouldn’t go for a hefty subscription. Choose an affordable option where you get your favorite weed accessories.

We recommend you do some thinking and decide what your preferences are, and then select a subscription box according to that.

Price-Quality Ratio

Some subscription plans (none on this list, obviously!) put too many useless fillers in their weed boxes instead of offering you what you need and what you’re paying for. This is why you need to choose a good 420 box that really giving you good value for money.

Research and Review

As we mentioned above, you must do some research about the company you want to subscribe. Moreover, you can search for some past reviews of the company’s previous boxes.

This will give a better understanding of your preferred weed box.

How To Subscribe Your Monthly 420 Box

Now that you know what the best weed subscription boxes look like, you just need to find your favorite box and subscribe.

But how to subscribe?

Here’s how you can do it within 2 minutes!

After you pick your preferred weed box company, you need to fill a sign-up form in order to create an account. Then insert your ID or doctor’s prescription.

Some companies also allow you to pick your own products and customize the box.

Now you need to choose your subscription plan – monthly, quarterly, or three months – and you’re good to go!

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