10 Best Cannabis Grow Tent Kits! In 2022 – Most stealth Kits

Are you willing to cultivate your own cannabis?

And you are afraid someone might know about it?

But  don’t worry, We have compiled and reviewed awesome and stealth grow tent kits

When you think of growing your own stash of weed, you want to do it the easiest way possible. Cannabis plants tend to grow at a slow pace, and it becomes easier to handle them if you have everything you need in one place.

Don’t want to roam around and find the most suitable accessories for your growing space?

Marijuana grow tent kit is your savior!

Marijuana grow tent kit is a boon for indoor growers having all the necessary things in one place.

You will find different types of marijuana grow tent kits. Some focus on the supplies like pots, lights, and fans, while others include things for your organic requirements such as seeds, soil, and fertilizers.

There are some vendors that let you pick your own grow tent kit so that you can buy according to your growing needs.

You can easily grow marijuana indoors with the help of grow kits without changing anything on your property.

For growers who want to keep their cannabis cultivation a secret, a marijuana indoor grow tent kit helps them control the odor.

Even if you don’t go for a costlier option, a standard grow kit might also do the work!

Now, if you’re thinking about the hassle you have to make to select the best marijuana indoor grow kit, don’t worry!

We have selected only the best cannabis grow tent kits for you to have the most exciting growing experience.

10 Best Grow Tent Kits To Grow Marijuana Indoors in 2022

Here are our top 10 best cannabis grow tent kits for your indoor cultivation:

Yield Lab Soil Complete Grow Tent Kit

Yield Lab KitThis 2′ x 4′ HID Complete Grow Tent Kit by Yield Lab is a complete all-in-one package for breeders who want to use their space maximum. The ambiguous size of this grow tent allows for tight areas to keep it out of reach from unwanted eyes.

Yield Lab grow tents are considered one of the best grow tents where you don’t have to compromise for quality.

The grow tent is made up of 600D thread count mylar fabric, making it a strong and sturdy option to buy. With 95% reflective interior and lightproof zippers, you won’t have to worry about light leaks.

With a reusable heat mat, you save money by not replacing the rug every time you grow.

The metal locking frame is so strong that it can weigh up to 200 lbs. of equipment. For additional strength, the tent has 19 mm thick poles that are very easy to assemble with self snapping locks.

The tent is so well-designed that it has a place to set the electrical cords and air-tight duct ports to fit air-cooled reflectors as well as a ventilation system.

The front door has a velcro strap to keep the door at a place while you work on your plants. With the help of the transparent window on the front, you can check your green babies without opening the tent.

Not many tents have it, right?

If you don’t prefer HID light set up, this LED light is everything you need to offer your plants plenty of light.

Along with lightning, cannabis plants need a sufficient amount of airflow. This grow tent has mesh vents that provide enough airflow without letting any particles or bugs.

Moreover, the tent kit also includes some high-quality equipment like a light timer, hygrometer, and carbon filter to control the environment inside the tent.

What’s included in the package:

  • 2′ x 4′ Yield Lab Grow Tent
  • S450 LED Grow Light Panel
  • High Output Fan
  • Carbon Filter
  • Foxfarm Ocean Forest Potting Soil
  • Nutrients, pH adjusters, and pH + PPM Testers
  • Light timer
  • Clip on fan
  • Hygrometer
  • Adjustable light hangers
  • Fabric Prune Pots
  • Digital Installation and Grow Guide

Yield Lab LED Soil Grow Tent Kit

Yield Lab Kit 2Another grow tent kit from Yield Lab is one of the best cannabis grow tent kits for novice and seasoned growers.

The experts took months to design and accumulate the necessary tools to make this perfect grow tent kit for cannabis growers.

Having a 6.5’x6.5′ grow tent, you can grow as many as 12 cannabis plants simultaneously.

Amazing, no?

Not only this, this grow kit includes everything that goes well with this grow tent.

This cannabis grow tent kit carries the best combination of lighting, environmental controls, and nutrients you require to keep your plants happy.

As you might know, LED grow lights generate less heat than standard HID grow lights. Less heat ultimately leads to a healthy growing environment that offers bountiful yield.

The output fan and filter combo set add one more feather to your indoor grow tent kit keeping the environment inside your tent clean and healthy.

Say goodbye to the heat and hello to the cool breeze by using LED grow lights and a fan filter combo.

The latest Yield Lab thermo-hygrometer allows you to keep an eye on humidity and heat so that you can take necessary actions if either of these factors goes wrong.

By using such high-quality tools, you will save energy while keeping your temperatures and moisture level at their best.

To intensify the results of lighting, air-conditioning, and pots, the kit also includes a clip on fan, light timer, pH kit, and movable light hangers.

Want more?

For soil growers, Yield Lab offers high-quality fabric prune containers that support auto-pruning fabric materials, complex root growth, and overall aeration.

What’s included in the package:

  • 6.5’x 6.5′ Grow Tent
  • LED Grow Light Panel
  • High Output Fan
  • Carbon Filter
  • Foxfarm Ocean Forest Potting Soil
  • Nutrients, pH adjusters, and pH + PPM testers
  • Light timer
  • Clip on fan
  • Hygrometer
  • Adjustable light hangers
  • Fabric Prune Pots
  • Installation and 12 Week Grow Guide

Yield Lab HID Hydro Indoor Grow Tent Kit

Yield Lab Kit 3If you want to grow cannabis on a large scale, you should try Yield Lab grow tent kit with an 8x4ft tent!

This cannabis grow tent kit is an affordable option for those who do not want to spend much on cannabis growing.

This indoor grow tent kit includes HID grow light and a hydroponic system that helps you get a higher yield.

What more do you need?

Growing into an 8 ft wide and 4 ft deep grow tent, you might worry about the lightning. But don’t! When you have a 6″ Air Cooled Hood.

The square-shaped reflector makes sure every corner of your tent gets enough light. Moreover, the lightproof zippers make sure your plants don’t lose light.

The Yield Lab grow tent is made with 600D thread count mylar fabric, making the tent strong and sturdy.

The metal locking structure of the tent has stronger joints at the corners and can manage over 200 lbs. instruments.

With the hydroponic system included in the package, you will definitely feel great while growing cannabis indoors. This unique grow tent kit consists of 12 pots for you to use the maximum space.

Additionally, the hydroponic system here is very easy to manage, making your cannabis cultivation as easy as pie!

It is very important to control the environment while growing weed indoors. This cannabis grow tent kit includes some of the best tools to help you manage the suitable climate for your tiny plants.

With an odor filtration system involved, you can keep those annoying scents inside the tent. It also helps you keep your cannabis cultivation a secret.

A great option for discreet growers, right?

Don’t worry if you’re new to the marijuana world. The video installation guide will help you install the system and keep up with the pace.

It also features a 12 weel video guide that walks you through each step for your first successful growing cycle.

Pretty cool, huh!

Let’s see what you get when this jumbo-sized grow kit arrives at your home!

What’s included in the package:

  • 8′ x 4′ Grow Tent
  • Two 600w Metal Halide Bulb (Lamp)
  • 2 6″ Air Cooled Hood
  • Two 600w Digital Dimming Ballast (Slim Line Model)
  • Greentree Hydroponic System
  • Two 600w High-Pressure Sodium Bulb (Lamp)
  • Output Fan and Carbon Filter
  • 50L Root Royale Coco/Perlite Mix
  • Nutrients, pH adjusters, and pH + PPM testers
  • Light timer
  • Clip on fan
  • Hygrometer
  • Adjustable light hangers
  • User manual and Grow Guide

Enough to get started, right?

So what are you waiting for? Click the button below and get yours NOW!

VIVOSUN Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

Vivoson KitVivosun is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to marijuana grow tent kits.

This particular indoor cannabis grow tent kit is one of their best products, and that’s why we’ve added this kit to our top 5.

Vivosun grow tent kit is a perfect option for people who know about gardening but want to start indoor cultivation.

The grow kit includes a high-quality grow tent with a 600D canvas that won’t tear off easily.

The double stitch design and 98% reflective mylar lining makes sure you use every ray of light.

To keep the transition smooth, the makers give a zipper. It also locks the perfect environment inside the tent so that your plants have a happy growth.

The grow tent is made with strong pipes that can withstand enough weight. The double window allows you to keep a rain check on your lovelies more often without opening a tent.

Moreover, the tent has a roll-up option that closes the window after you take a glance.

The experts at Vivosun have carefully made this tent according to your plant needs. That’s why the construction allows 53% open space for your plants to breathe and flourish well.

Your weed plants will not miss out on the natural perks of an outdoor environment as the tent carries an air filtration kit.

Want to hear the best part?

The Vivosun grow tent is available in 5 different sizes for each type of grower and can fit into almost anywhere in the house.

This is the reason why Vivosun is one of the best cannabis grow tent kits on the market.

Besides the tent, floor tray, and straps, the kit also includes a great ventilation system that maintains the air inside the grow tent stable and fresh at all times.

You will also get hanging bars that you can utilize for exhaust fans, filters, blasters, and hanging grow lights.

You also get a two-year warranty when you buy this fantastic grow kit. So why wait? Buy yours RIGHT HERE!

Size – 60″x32″x80″

What’s included in the package:

  • Grow Tent
  • Metal poles and connector
  • Filter straps
  • Floor tray
  • Hanging bars

Hydro Plus Grow Tent Room Kit

Hydro Plus grow kitIf you want nothing but the best grow kit when it comes to growing weed, go for this Hydro Plus grow room kit!

With a variety of spacious grow tent options, Hydro Plus has something for everyone.

This particular one measures 24x24x48 inches.

The grow tent included in this kit features a 600D canvas that offers stability and durability. What makes it stronger is white-coated metal rods.

These rods help to create a perfect environment for you to enjoy growing your favorite weed strains.

The easy zipper design supports the growth by keeping the light inside. It also makes sure the environment of the tent stays as it is.

What makes this grow tent kit special is that it’s very easy to set up, even for novice growers. The white-coated rods connect easily, making the whole setup process effortless.

Along with the grow tent, you get a carbon filter and output fans. For ventilation, the grow tent has rectangular vents covered with mesh and other spaces for fans and filters. 

Along with the grow tent, you get a thermometer and hygrometer that shows the humidity and time for indoor and outdoor temperatures. 

You also get a timer that helps you manage the suitable light hours, cooling and heating system and other systems inside the tent.

To trim the crop, you get a 60 mm bonsai shear that makes the process easy and precise.

Want more?

To support the structure of the tent and bear heavyweight and light hangers, the tent kit includes a pack of trellis net.

What’s included in the package:

  • 24″x24″x48″ grow tent
  • Thermometer
  • Hygrometer
  • Timer
  • 60mm bonsai shear
  • 1-pack 5’x15′ Plant Trellis Netting
  • 2pcs/1pair light hangers

Topogrow Weed Grow Kit

Topo GrowTopogrow weed grow tent kit is among one of the best cannabis grow tent kits on the market these days.

You can grow any plants using this fantastic kit. But especially, it works best for cannabis.

The grow tent has a sturdy and solid design. 16 mm metal rods support the tent stand tall and upright till you harvest the yield.

For better results, the rods are white-colored to get the maximum reflectivity.

You didn’t know that, did you?

Topogrow tent kits are available in different sizes of tents and LED grow lights. Some of their best-selling grow tent kits are:





All the variants feature either 300W, 600W, or 800W grow light for a perfect growing environment.

This particular grow kit comes with a 32″X32″X63″ grow tent, and a 600W LED grow light, along with two cooling fans.

The grow tent kit is made with 600D oxford canvas supported with mylar coating that reflects the maximum light. It makes sure that your plants get enough light to bloom.

If you’re worried about the ventilation, the tent carries a thick carbon layer with a zinc-anodized steel mesh.

This system helps you achieve maximum filtration and keep your cannabis cultivation out of sight from prying eyes and noses, keeping the odor inside the tent only.

This grow tent kit also includes changeable velcro pre-filters with elastic bands to keep them in place.

The full-spectrum LED grow lights fulfill the need for sunlight to the plants. The most exciting thing about these lights is that you can adjust them according to the plants’ growth.

However, you need to learn how to hang them with the straps.

The meshed ventilators support the structure of the fans and vents all at once, allowing maximum airflow and rotation system.

Amazing, right?

If you are a beginner and want only the equipment necessary for a start-up, the Topogrow weed kit is your best shot!

Psst – You can adjust the grow light by passing the steel rope through the hang bars and lock it.

What’s included in the package:

  • 32 “X32″ X63” Grow Tent
  • LED600W light
  • 4″ Fan Filter Combo – Filter, Inline Duct Fan, Silver Flex Ducting

HTGSupply Indoor Grow Tent Kit

HTGSupply grow kitIf you are looking for the easiest choice for indoor marijuana cultivation, go for HTGSuplly Weed Growing Kit.

It is one of the most affordable grow tent kits on the market.

HTGSupply is one of the most famous names in growers’ supplies. The company has been running successfully for a decade now, providing the best equipment for indoor cultivation.

Many growers know this grow kit as ‘plug-and-play since this hydroponic grow tent kit has everything you need to get started.

It indicates that you can immediately start assembling the parts and start with the growing process.

This easy-going grow kit works well on the household electrical output so that you don’t have to set up extra plugs for a heavy power supply.

Talking about power consumption, it runs on a 120v outlet, using a moderate amount of electricity, saving you some extra stash of cash.

Cool, eh?

A 400W HPS grow light with a bulb provides artificial light to the plants for better growth.

Along with the grow tent, light, and hangers, the kit also includes something related to your plants’ organic needs.

Yes, the kit includes an advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Grow/Micro/Bloom combo pack.

Not many grow tent kits offer it, do they?

If you’re still not convinced…

The grow kit also includes a timer, GrowBright hygrometer, and 3.5-gallon hydroponic system.

What more does a grower need? Buy this unique grow tent kit TODAY!

What’s included in the package:

  • Grow tent
  • 400w HPS grow light with bulb
  • Rope ratchet hanger
  • 6-inch in-line fan with projection kit
  • 6-inch clip-on circulation fan
  • Nutrient combo pack
  • Grow bright hygrometer
  • 120-volt single-outlet mechanical timer
  • 4 Bubble Boy single-shot 3.5-gallon DWC hydroponic system

Do not let this long list of pieces scare you. It just takes a few minutes to install this setup. A single person can also do the job done. (But a friendly hand would make it faster!)

The Bud Grower Signature Indoor Grow Kit

Bud Grower Grow kitDo you want to grow multiple plants to have a higher yield? Try using Bud Grower Signature Indoor grow tent kit!

Bud Grower has brought an all-in-one growers’ kit where you get everything you need to get started with your weed for those who don’t want to take trouble going out and looking for proper gardening tools gardening.

It is one of the best cannabis grow tent kits where you get the highest yield with very little maintenance.

You will find many variants of this grow kit on the market. You can go with the one that suits your requirements. This particular grow kit measures 24″ x24″ x60, which you can fit in any room.

If you prefer to grow cannabis plants using a hydroponic system, this Bud Grower kit will make things easier for you!

The grow tent is made with durable cloth with reflective mylar that reflects maximum light coverage without leakage.

It has strong poles that strengthen the structure and bear the weight of up to 300 pounds.

The zipper design makes the tent more secure and helps you control the odor.

The spacious opening door allows easy access to the grow tent.

With XP Summit LED grow light, your plants get enough light to bloom faster. The LED light has a 50,000 hours lifespan, and it offers a 13 band light spectrum.

The grow light also has two different modes that let you set the lighting during the vegetative and flowering stage.

Additionally, the carbon filter and output fan make the ventilation more secure and easy by removing moisture from the growing area. It also helps keep that unpleasant odor inside the tent.

Isn’t it amazing?

The manufacturers give a three year warranty. However, it doesn’t cover the fan and the carbon filter.

To keep the grow tent fresh and clean, the kit has a detachable waterproof tray.

Out of the many tent packages we have examined, the Bud Grower weed growing kit is one of the best cannabis grow tent kits you must try!

What’s included in the package:

  • 24″x 24″x 60″ grow tent
  • 1 x 150W HPS OEM Bulb
  • 1 x 150 watt Grow Light Fixture
  • 4″ In-line Fan
  • 4″ Carbon Air Filter
  • 4″ Stainless Steel Clamps
  • Cali Hot Soil
  • Fox Farm Potting Mix – 3.5 Gallons
  • X2 sets of Rope Hangers
  • Grow Pots/Plant Saucer
  • Heat and Humidity Monitor
  • Electronic Timer
  • Clip Fan
  • Pruning Snip
  • Two packs of Germination Domes
  • Five pack Rapid Rooter
  • Power Cord/Strip
  • Safety Gloves
  • Glass Drying/Fermenting Bottles

Did you know?

The biggest tent from Bud Grower has the capability of holding more than nine plants at once!

BloomGrow 300W Indoor Growing Complete Grow Tent Kit

BloomGrow KitBloomGrow is one of the most reputable brands when it comes to marijuana grow tent kits.

This 300W full-spectrum UFO LED grow tent kit has almost everything you need to start cultivating your dream cannabis garden.

It is more popular because of its UFO-looking LED grow light and highly efficient filtration system.

BloomGrow offers grow tent kits in three variants:

24”x24”x48” Kit

32”x32”x63” Kit

36”x20”x63” Kit

This marijuana indoor grow tent kit has 32″x32″x63″m grow tent.

The expert growers have designed the tent with a 600D high-reflective mylar system that reflects 96% light. The waterproof material of this tent lets you grow your weed in peace.  

The kit includes hydroponic grow method equipment that has the latest mechanism against light and heat leakage.

The double-stitched pattern and zipper design make this grow tent your perfect companion.

The waterproof tray keeps your grow tent clean and leakage-proof flooring so that you don’t have to worry about cleaning the space more often.

Along with the grow light, you get a 4-inch in-line fan and ducting combo pack that keeps the environment inside the growing space clean and dirt-free.

It also saves your plants from uninvited guests like pests and bugs.

The most amazing thing about the fan and the filter combo is that it keeps that weedy smell inside the tent, saving you from spying eyes and noses!

Besides these, the kit also comes with grow light hangers, bonsai shears, a digital hygrometer, a 24-hour timer, and god knows what not!

If you are searching for high output combined with long service life, this is the perfect kit for you!

What’s included in the package:

  • Growing Tent
  • 1 Set of rods and connectors
  • 1 Removable Waterproof Floor Tray
  • Nylon Belts
  • User Manual
  • Ducting
  • Digital Thermometer Humidity Monitor
  • Pair Rope Ratchet Hanger
  • 60mm Bonsai Straight Scissor
  • 24 hour Dual Outlet Timer
  • 5’x15′ Trellis Netting
  • 600W LED Grow Light
  • In-line Fan
  • Activated Carbon Air Filter
  • 2 Steel Hose Clamps

Enough to get you started, right?

Hydro Plus Indoor Grow Kit

Hydro grow kitLast but not least, another indoor grow tent kit from Hydro Plus is one of the best cannabis grow tent kits when you want nothing but the best growers’ kit.

With almost all the necessary tools in hand, you can start your cannabis project as soon as you receive this package.

The collection of the equipment in this kit makes weed growing not only easy but affordable as well!

Hydro Plus offers various grow kits where you can find the grow tent that suits your space.

The grow tent included in this unique kit is very spacious, having a two-tier design for you to grow cannabis.

Cool, right?

This particular tent measures 36”x24”x53”. The tent is very easy to build, even for beginners.

The most wonderful feature we like about this grow tent is that you can customize the canvas according to your requirement.

You can grow your plants outside when they are small, and as soon as they grow up, you can remove the upper shelf or shift them inside the tent for better results.

This multi-chamber design helps you maintain the plants in the vegetative and flowering stage.

Talking about the material, it is a 600D oxford canvas that won’t leave you soon enough. The white-coated rods reflect maximum light.

The waterproof tray found in both chambers helps you keep the floor clean, and they are removable. So you don’t need to replace them more often.

If security is your primary concern, the tent has high-quality zippers that lock not only light but the odor that comes from cannabis plants, keeping your marijuana business a secret.

Moreover, it keeps the environment inside the tent stable and healthy with the help of fans and carbon filters.

Fans and filters fit well in the tent as it offers rectangular vents with mesh lining that manages the ventilation system.

If you want to see your plants growing, giving them the best care, go for Hydro Plus grow tent kit!

What’s included in the package:

  • 36”x24”x53” grow tent
  • Two hangers
  • Netting
  • Humidity/temp gauge
  • Pruning shears

All you’ll have to add are the fans and LED grow lights to get started.


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Perks Of Using A Grow Tent Kit


A grow tent blocks odor and light from leaving the tent when set up perfectly. You can fix the tent in a big wardrobe or the corner of a room without necessarily bringing a whole lot of attention.

Affordable Price

The price varies from tent to tent. Setting up a grow tent on your own asks for a lot of effort. It includes looking for air-tight vents, reflective walls, lightproof material, and what not!

If you choose to buy grow tent kit, you can have all the necessary things, including the tent, at the price of one tent.

Easy Set up

Forming your grow tent and getting everything ready will take about an hour and a half, and anyone with or without prior experience can do it. Overall, you can understand the setting up process just as setting up the classic camping tent. The only difference here will be the weed!

Perpetual Crop

If you want two separate compartments for the vegetative and flowering period of your plants, grow tents works best! This way, you will be able to manage both the growing area and environment separately with no extra cost.

Resistance to Bugs and Pests

The intake vents of most grow tents are coated with mesh, which passes air but prevents many bugs. This helps stop incidental pests like spiders or carpenter beetles from attacking your plants. If you have a grow tent with strong grow light, it will make the environment of the tent hot where most bugs cannot survive.

Clean Buds

In addition to limiting pests from getting inside, the mesh intake holes keep the tent secure from dust and other impurities. The sticky trichomes on marijuana buds might catch almost anything that flows near them, be it animal hair, fibers. Growing in the tent keeps your buds neat and clean, sealing their beauty and nutrients locked inside.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying a Grow Tent Kit

Every grow kit has its perks and downsides. With lots of options available in the market, it becomes difficult to choose the right one.

The first thing you need to decide is the budget so that you don’t end up spending a fortune on just a grow kit.

Here are some tips you need to keep in mind before buying your perfect cannabis grow tent kit.

Tent Size

A weed grow tent should fit inside of whatever area you plan to put it. You also need to ask these questions before you buy any grow tent kit. How many plants do you want to cultivate? Do you have enough space for the tent at residence?

Once you finalize the size, you can move on to the quality of the grow tent.

Tent Quality

As we mentioned earlier, the tent quality differs. Ideally, you should look for tents made of solid steel structures and parts. Also, think about the material of the tent to keep the light inside the tent. The reflective capacity also matters as the plants will survive mainly on the same.

Grow Lights – Fluorescent, LED, or HID?

First of all, understand the difference between fluorescent, LED, and HID grow lights. Different kits come with different grow lights. Choose the one that suits your needs. Make sure you go with the full-spectrum light for a better yield.

Grow Medium

Cannabis grow tent kits include different types of growing mediums. Most of the growers prefer a hydroponic system, while the traditional one goes for soil. Both have their unique benefits and limitations. You can pick any one to grow high-quality cannabis plants with efficiency.

Precautions You MUST Take While Using Grow Tent Kit

Some growers face terrible conditions while growing cannabis in tents. To save you from happening to you, here are some smart steps you should keep in mind while using grow tent:

Caution when working with electricity – Make sure all the wires are covered adequately before turning the switch ON.

Water- electricity contact – This doesn’t end well if you don’t keep this critical point in mind. It generates electric shock and harms you if you’re nearby.

Handle water cautiously – Spilling water on the floor would be a serious mistake, and the case falls. Also, ensure water is stored as far off from electricity as mentioned before.

Staying prepared for a fire burst – Keeping fire extinguishers within reach is a good idea while growing weed in tents. You can also install a smoke alarm system and grow cannabis peacefully at all times.

Protect yourself – Make sure you wear eyeglasses while working with chemicals and lights. Always wear a pair of gloves to prevent chemical-induced itching or skin disease. Light Emitting Diode (LED) grow light causes headaches to some people, so make sure you don’t spend much time inside the tent. If you have to stay inside for a longer time, we recommend you take short breaks in between for your own good.

Wrapping Up

There you are, reading all these information regarding grow tent kits!

Cultivating cannabis is not that much difficult if you have the right tools. With the best cannabis grow tent kits mentioned above, you can create the perfect environment for your lovely plants and end up having bountiful yields.

These grow kits are some of the best cannabis grow tent kits in the market, and they are all worth your money.

Now that you have a better understanding of what type of grow kit you will need, you can get started!

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