Top 5 Best Cloning Machines For Your Marijuana Garden

Read the following article to buy the best cloning machines for your cannabis plants.

Do you know that you can recreate your favorite strain of weed?

Yes, using a cloning machine, you can secure the future of your plants by creating the next generation of the same.

Cloning is the most productive way to ensure that your plants’ best qualities will live forever.


Cultivating a clone requires a lot of care since its roots have been revealed, making the plant receptive to disease.

Don’t worry! Clone machines can help you achieve your goal.

Why Use A Cloning Machine?

With the help of a cloning machine, you can create a replica of your favorite plants.

You will find a variety of cloning machines in the market. You can select from different sizes, shapes, brands, and site slots according to your requirement.

The way there’s a variety in the machines’ shape and size, you can buy a cloning machine based on two machine types.

The two most used machine options are the Deep-Water Culture (DWC) and the Ebb and Flow (EAF) systems.

These gardening devices are somewhat similar to that of a hydroponic system. These tools include pumps, aeroponic spray nozzles, and a nutrient mixture.

You will notice slots on the top of the vessel with hard or soft insertions made of neoprene. These are your cloning sites where you will insert your plant cuttings.

Once you insert the cuttings in the cloning site, it won’t take much of your time and hard work.

The best part about using a cloning machine is its success ratio. It affords a 100% success rate compared to the usual methods.

Top 5 Best Cloning Machines In The Market

Here are some of the best cloning machines to get the best out of your cannabis cultivation:

TurboKlone T24D Cloning Machine

Turbo CloningTurboKlone is one of the most popular names in the cloning market for providing high-quality cloning machines.

The company offers different models, but we’ll talk about a model with 24 sites to place your cuttings.

The whole device is made from a durable and strong plastic material. Since it features a simple design, it is easy to clean and manage.

It arrives with useful accessories like the tank and filters to stop clogging from plant debris.

The TurboKlone system being one of the best-selling clone machines online, highlights the latest fan technology that provides consistent oxygen supply to the growing area.

It also helps fight high temperatures that might otherwise be damaging to the roots.

Any grower understands that rooting clones need a translucent cover to maintain moisture in hot and dry atmospheres. The humidity dome included in this system does the work.

The dome also helps you save the plants from leaf transpiration and preserves the cuttings from initial transplantation shock.

Isn’t that great?

Clone King 36 Site Cloning Machine

Clone KingClone King is one of the most reputable names when it comes to cloning machines.

The company offers different cloning machines like CK36, CK24, and CK64 fulfilling every gardeners’ needs.

This particular model, featuring 36 clone sites, is an all-rounder option.

With Clone King 36, you can rest assured that you will achieve your goal. You can expect to have a healthy transplant within three to five days of beginning the process.

This aeroponic system gives you the best results having the best features of the Clone King family. You can expect the same effect in different environments, including cold, hot, or snowy climates.

This model is as light as CK25, but having more sites, you get an added benefit along with flexibility. You can shift it anytime according to the needs of your plants.

If you like to have clones of more than one plant, the colorful inserts help you with that too! You can allot a particular color to different plants to easily memorize it.

Having the best features of the CK family, this is a must-have product for you!

OxyClone 20 Site Recirculating System

Oxy CloneIf you’re a beginner and don’t want to spend much on cloning machines, OxyClone 20 is your best shot!

Having a simple design and the best features, this model is one of the most affordable options out there.

With this machine, you can place 20 plants simultaneously in a single method!

Exciting, right?

You will find many machines that come with poor-quality tanks that start leaking or clogging after some time. You will not have to face this problem when you use OxyClone20.

The system is made from a durable material that lasts long. The evaporation mechanism in this model leads to less heat, helping the plants to grow well.

What we liked the most about this unique model is its aeration system. With a single-outlet Active Aqua air pump, your plants get constant airflow of dissolved oxygen, helping the roots grow into a healthy plant.

For best aeration, this machine has got single-outlet Active Aqua air pump that ensures a constant flow of oxygen circulating throughout via dissolved oxygen to ensure healthy growth of roots.

With such unique features at an affordable price, this machine is your perfect companion on your cannabis journey.

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PowerGrow 21 Site Bucket Cloner

PowergrowIf you want to experiment with both aeroponic or hydroponic systems, PowerGrow has the perfect model for you!

Unlike other machines, this cloning machine features a bucket system with 21 sites.

Since it has a decent number of cloning sites, both home growers and commercial growers love this machine alike.

The bucket is made with the FDA-approved black material with a capacity of 3.5 gallons.

Besides a high-quality bucket, you get an adjustable H2O pump, pushing 160 gallons of water per hour.

More than enough, no?

With this fast system, your cuttings stay highly oxygenated and grow into healthy plants.

The system also includes a 360-degree aeroponic nozzles spray that will cover 100% of your cutting area.

With the 0.25 oz jar of Rootech cloning gel and a go-to guide, even a beginner can manage this system easily.

PowerGrow 21 can be a great addition to your indoor garden if you do not have the machines for the DIY system.

With this much convenience, you can’t resist but buy this amazing cloning machine.

PsyCloner 24 Site Deep Water Culture Cloner

PsyclonerPsyCloner is one of the best cloning machines for a novice or a trained plant cloner.

To make your weed cultivation more comfortable, it works without any spray jets, as they usually jam and create unnecessary strain.

PsyCloner operates without air stones and energy-consuming pumps that warm the water, making this model more efficient and convenient.

Even if you live in extreme weather conditions, this system provides you only the best result with its aerating water pump system that works smoothly in any weather.

What’s included in the system?

One of the best selling cloning machines, PscyCloner24, comes with a two-gallon container, 36 Neoprene inserts in four different colors, aerating water pump, and a 24 site tray.

What separates PsyCloner from other machines out there is that it offers high-quality tools at an affordable price. Other systems cost almost double the price and provide fewer tools than PsyCloner.

The best part?

If you don’t feel happy after buying PsyCloner, you can return the product as it comes with a 30-day return policy.

Not many cloning machines offer that, right?

So why wait? Order yours TODAY!


HortiPots Aeroponic Cloning Machine

HortipotsAre you looking for a cloning machine with snug-fitting cloning collars? HortiPots is your best shot!

HortiPots offers some of the best cloning machines in the market. The company provides various models of this system, but here we’ll talk about the 35 site model.

It is a heavy-duty model with top-notch Neoprene disc inserts. The model includes an effective water pump to minimize the heat.

It is the second cloning machine on our list that offers a humidity dome to control the environment inside.

Since it works with a water pump with built-in filter housing, the mechanism prevents any debris from preventing the sprayers.

You might wonder why the model doesn’t have an air pump. The reason behind not having an air pump is its air vents that allow sufficient oxygen supply to the cuttings.

The cuttings will be most likely get ready in four to five days after the process starts, but it also depends on your cloned plants and other factors that might affect this time.

If you live in dry weather, this model is a perfect solution for your dehydration problem and reduces the risk of shock after transplant.

And with our last review, it sums up our best cloning machine reviews. We’ve tried to gather various choices ranging in capacity, size, price, and features. Now it is time for you to select the right one.

But wait…

Many times people make mistakes while buying the best cloning machine for their plants. If you don’t want to make one, read the following segment till the end.

Things To Consider While Buying Cloning Machine

If you are a clone collector and want to keep your favorite strain’s legacy going on, cloning machines work best for you.

The cloning machines usually come into circular or square shapes filled with a mixture of nutrients and added minerals for the healthy growth of the plants.

Some also include water pumps and aeroponic spray bottles to keep the cuttings hydrated.

You can pick the one that suits your needs best, but you need to be careful about some things while looking for the best cloning machine. Here are some smart tips to help you find the right product:

The first and most important thing you need to remember is that each plant may have a different requirement. Another thing that affects the cloning machine is the knowledge and experience the grower has.

Some machines work best for beginners, while others are made only for experts.

Here are other factors you should consider while buying a cloning machine for cannabis cultivation:

  • Number of Sites
  • Container Size
  • Active Hydroponics System
  • The Success Rate
  • Type – EAF or DWC
  • Maintenance
  • Ease of Use
  • Price-to-Quality Ratio

How to Use a Cloning Machine

If you are a new grower and worried about operating the cloning machine, don’t!

Cloning machines are relatively easy to set up and use. Follow the given steps to get the best out of your cloning machine:

  • Setup the cloning machine with the directions given in the user manual.
  • Fill the cloner/container with the required quantity of water.
  • Mix the cloning liquid in the water.
  • Sanitize the tools before taking the cuttings from the plants.
  • Take the cutting and secure the tip of the clone (for quick root growth).
  • Dip in any solvent you like (this step is optional).
  • Place the neoprene collar around the clone.
  • Put it into the tank, keeping in mind that the cloned stem should not fully submerse in the water.
  • Turn on the system, and see the magic happening!

You’ve started the system successfully.


Don’t forget to check after about half-hour to check the water temperature. It should stay between 68 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Within three to seven days, you’ll see the roots start to grow.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know almost everything about cloning machines, pick the one that suits your needs and get started!

We suggest you should do your research and pick the right for the best results. Happy growing!

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